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New EP Release: PoV Pop

William Cawley

Hong Kong-born musician William Cawley had a nomadic childhood that eventually led him to the city of Durham. Here he has honed his craft as an artist and as a music producer. 

William is on the Autistic Spectrum, which gives his music a unique insight into how a neurodiverse individual navigates the modern world.


His new EP 'PoV Pop' is to be released on the 24th of May and promises to push the boundaries of fresh guitar pop. The EP kicks off with '2 Girls'. The Jangly guitar intro is reminiscent of Madchester band Northside's 'Take Five". The clever fusion of psychedelic guitar, soaring drum and downplayed vocal delivery is infectiously good. The second track '5ft 10' is an uplifting tune with clever wordplay, guaranteed to get you up off your sofa and pogo-ing around. Single 'Natalie' is fast-paced with catchy guitar rifts and driving drum beats has a brightness and liveliness that harks back to 'Don't Look Back Into the Sun' by The Libertines.

The final track 'Regine Or' starts as it means to go on. High energy throughout with explosive drum fills and driving beats.

PoV Pop is fresh and energetic and offers a new perspective to guitar pop.

Instagram: williamcawley69

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