The Charlatans atthe O2 Academy, Newcastle

This is a band that has a tenacity and energy around them that is mesmerising to watch. Not only have they survived the inevitable “too much too soon” of a hit number one debut album, problems with drugs, the death of original keyboardist Rob Collins in a car accident, and the tragic loss of their drummer Jon Brookes at the age of 44 they’re still going, and going stronger than ever.

I went along to Newcastle's O2 Academy to see them on the 'Different Days' tour.

The O2 was packed to the rafters and the atmosphere was electric. The band were on top form - playing a great selection of hits, both past and present - enhanced by superb song video visuals and stunning light show.

They kicked off with 'Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over' followed hot on the heels with 'Not Forgotten and 'Weirdo'.

The whole place erupted when they played ' The Only One I Know'. A sea of heads, arms and hands waving in unison as singer Tim Burgess moved around the stage in his own polished 'dad dancing' style.

Drummer Pete Salisbury (from The Verve) stepped into Jon Brookes shoes and did a fine job.

They closed the show with 'Let the Good Times Be Never Ending' a fitting end to an amazing gig, only to be upstaged by the encore of 'Over Again' and 'Sproston Green'.

The Charlatans are one of my favourite bands and they just keep getting better and better. I haven't danced at a gig for a long time and I apologise to the people around me for my attempt at keeping in time to the music. But, what the hell if you cannot do it at a Charlatans gig when can you do it.

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