F**king Amazing Theatre - Trainspotting at the People's Theatre

Thought provoking plays take many forms, in the case of Trainspotting, the journey began as a book, which many people couldn’t read, the 1996 Danny Boyle film and a hard-hitting, take no prisoners piece of immersive theatre. The People’s Theatre production was exactly that.

Joe McLaughlin’s portrayal of Mark Renton - the articulate, heroin-addicted ‘hero’ of the piece was superb. His edgy, in-your-face performance, juxtaposed with believable vulnerability was mesmerising.

Amy Herdman’s performance of Alison was compelling and Adam Lowe did a fine job of playing Franco Begbie - the aggressive, pit-bull of a man made so iconic by Robert Carlyle in the film. Joe Robson who played Tommy and Paul Gaitskell as Sick Boy were both superb.

The storytelling was all enhanced by the innovative use of video footage, music and lighting. It took the performance to another level and the infamous toilet scene had the audience squirming in their seats.

Using Renton’s own rant, “Choose a life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a big television...” You can agree or disagree with him, but I think you should ‘choose’ to see Trainspotting.

A play that smacks you in the face, but will leave you feeling f**king amazing.

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