Benidorm at the Sunderland Empire

Benidorm Live was absolutely hilarious from start to finish. The well-known characters, such as lothario Mateo, camp Kenneth from Blow n Go in his budgie smugglers, Sam the holiday rep (who had an absolutely amazing voice), and hotel manageress Joyce Temple Savage entertained the audience with raunchy innuendo, sing along songs and even a spot of dancing! Liam tugs at our heartstrings as he misses his dad.

The production sees a mismatched couple, arrive at the Hotel Solana as it is due a takeover and they are mistaken for hotel inspectors, and initially treated like royalty. Sophie is an ultra snooty wife with a totally henpecked husband, Ben, and the action moves seamlessly from reception to the pool, to Neptunes bar and Blow n Go. As you would imagine, things do not go smoothly, and the actual hotel inspector is the last person you would expect!

Jacqueline, the Queen of the swingers was hilarious as she introduced her friend, Gay Derek to poor Kenneth.

If you fancy a rollicking good night, then go and see the show, you won’t be disappointed. The tv programme was a hit, and the stage show ended with a richly deserved standing ovation. Fab!

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