Its an open book - The Book of Mormon comes to the Sunderland Empire

The brilliantly offensive Book of Mormon, from the same creators of South Park, follows the hilarious story of two young missionaries from Salt Lake City and their attempts to try and convert the local villagers.

With a mix of culture shock, radical religious beliefs and even a cheeky Ugandan warlord, the chalk and cheese pair have to navigate life in a way they have never experienced. It’s the type of humour that is made even more amusing when you know you shouldn’t really be laughing, and that’s why it works so well! Jam-packed with infectious songs such as ‘Spooky Mormon Hell Dream’ and charismatically charming characters, it's hard not to feel yourself becoming invested in the storyline, no matter how ingeniously ridiculous it becomes.

Overall, a must-see powerful musical that not only has you doubled over with laughter, but deals with some heart wrenching themes that manages to make you leave feeling more carefree than when you came!

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