Revitalise your skin with Spiruline from Institut Esthederm Paris

My first impressions of the Intensive Spiruline Cream and Serum was excellent. Both products arrived, beautifully packaged and in eco-friendly, glass containers. Which, for me, is an essential component when choosing any skincare product.

For best results, it is recommended that both the cream and serum are applied to the face and neck, twice daily.

When I opened the cream the first thing that struck me was the subtle floral aroma. It was lovely and refreshing without being overpowering.

The cream contains Spirulina - a life-giving seaweed that contains more than 220 components necessary for life and is exceptionally rich in vitamins and minerals. It is designed to energize the skin to function at its top capacity.

The creme is rich and velvety smooth. It was easy to apply and worked into my skin with very little effort. After a few days of using the cream and serum, my skin felt toned, incredibly smooth and had a brightness to it that I loved.

The Intensive Spiruline serum is a companion product that works in harmony with the Spiruline cream.

It is a smoothing serum that refines the skin`s surface and reduces the appearance of pores, leaving skin looking like new. It unifies, brightens the skin and softens the appearance of dark spots and surface unevenness. Restores radiance and encourages the elimination of dead cells for a more luminous complexion.

I loved using the serum. I applied it to my skin using a glass pipette. It has a light, refreshing texture that was non-greasy.

After a week of using the Spiruline products, my skin felt refreshed and revitalised. The elasticity of my skin had improved, as had the softness. My skin had a luminous quality to it that gave me a confidence I haven’t felt in years.

Priced at £68 each, these products are not cheap, but well worth the investment.

All products are available to buy from

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