Lord of the Flies at Durham Gala

The Gala Theatre in Durham joined forces with Durham University's Student Theatre for the production of Lord of the Flies.

A cast of ten talented young actors took on William Golding's modern masterpiece, following a group of school children who became stranded on a desert island.

At first, they celebrated their new found freedom and began to forge their own society. However, splinter groups emerged and attempts to govern themselves descended into savagery!

Directed by Annie Rigby, of Newcastle-based Unfolding Theatre, and designed by experienced theatre designer Andrew Stephenson, Lord of the Flies marks the first time the Durham City Venue has co-produced a play with Durham University Student Theatre

Lord of the Flies is a show of savagery and survival, beginning with a group of English schoolboys surviving a plane crash and finding themselves stranded on a desert island without any adults.

This does sound like an enticing opportunity for any teen seeking freedom, but the group soon degenerates into a mob, terrorizing and even killing each other!

Without the usual authority figures to direct the boys, they must fend for themselves.

Ralph takes on a leadership position, gathering them all together with 'Piggy' at his side, a compassionate and clever boy basically acting as Ralph's conscience!

Jack contests his leadership and forms his own little squadron of followers and splits off from the main group.

From there follows the descent of Jack's tribe into base brutality with Ralph's boys becoming more isolated .

Then, Jack's tribe kill Piggy, signalling the end of rationalised thought and civilised behaviour, moving in on Ralph, all seems lost when suddenly an adult, a naval officer, arrives on the beach, his appearance putting everyone into a state of shock!

The officer prepares to take the children off the island in his cruiser which will be hunting its own enemy in the same implacable way!

Lord of the Flies was an exceptional stage play.

The way which things devolved felt truly real with lots of fantasies and analogies in fact!

An excellent evenings entertainment.

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