A Cunning Play at the People's Theatre

Blackadder II

One of my favourite shows at the People Theatre was Blackadder 4, so when I saw they were doing 3 episodes of Blackadder II, I couldn’t wait.

Such well known characters with big shoes to fill, but the cast did so effortlessly.

This three episode adaptation of the legendary BBC sitcom flowed seamless from one to the other. The episodes were sewn perfectly together by the Blackadder theme tune, sung passionately by The MInstrell, played by Craig Fairburn.

Sam Hinton as Blackadder was superb, his sarcastic wit mixed with intellectual swagger was a sight to behold. Perfectly balanced by Tony Sehgal’s performance as the hapless and put upon Baldrick. Queen Elizabeth 1 (Catherine White) and her sidekick Nurse (Karen Elliot) were the perfect double act.

The Richard Curtis and Ben Elton script was superb, the People’s Theatre show was perfectly cast and superbly acted. A special mention has to go Jake Wilson Craw who made a dramatic entry as the swashbuckling Lord Flashheart. A performance that the late, great Rik Mayall would have been proud of.

The lighting, sets and costumes fitted the production perfectly.

Blackadder II is a show packed full of cunning plans and cutting comedy.

Highly recommended.

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